Ways To Help Your Teenager Manage His Anger – Part 2

If you’ve read Part 1 of this blog, then, you know a few ways on how to help your teenager manage his anger. Part 2 tells you more, which may work for your teenager.

Kathy Hardie-Williams, MEd, MS, NCC, LPC, LMFT said “Behavior that indicates a possible mental health issue is present will typically increase in severity, duration, and disruption in the life of the adolescent over time.

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Impose Discipline But With Certain Rewards

Teenagers feel that they are adults and all, but they are just kids – they also want to receive rewards! It’s so difficult to “communicate” with them. Anyway, when your teenager is behaving like how he is supposed to be, then, give out your reward. Rewards can motivate your teenager to do well and avoid altercations. This will not compromise your values, and your teen will become more positive – this is for sure.

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Understand That Teens Go Through So Much Pressure Which Can Be The Cause Of Their Anger

You were once a teen, and so you most probably know how it was back then as a teenager in a big, wide, and “cruel” world. The pressure is everywhere. There are schoolwork and the need to pass the subjects in class. Some teens have part-time work, on top of their school activities, which can make them crunch for time. This is too much pressure.

And then, there are friends and their battle in trying to fit in. Society can be unfair, and this pressures your teen. He will do everything in his power to be “one of the guys (or girls),” and this can cause anger issues. Of course, building romantic relationships is also pressure for them. Most of their friends already have a “bae,” and he or she doesn’t. This is also a cause for anger problems.

How can you help your child with this? You have to be understanding of the things and situations that are happening to him. Give him a break, at times. Be there for your teen, and when he lashes out, don’t reciprocate with the same behavior. Maintain your cool, and you will get the reason why he is angry. It’s not towards you; it can be the pressures he is experiencing in his life.

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Gaelen Billingsley LMFT said “Preempting misbehavior is always more effective and pleasant than dealing with it after the fact. Treating the cause of misbehavior is the key.”

Talk To Your Teen About His Conflict Areas

Things that produce conflict for your teen can be a cause of his anger. To avoid that, talk to him about these issues and see how you can help your teen overcome such struggles. Knowing that someone is there to support him during his time of conflict and need will make him less angry. This will also limit his lashing out moment towards you because you’re the supporter and not the negative parent.

To remind you, areas of conflict may include the desire to be cool and popular, the need to be smart and intelligent, that longing to be beautiful or handsome, and so much more. Find a way to address these issues healthily, without them losing their individuality.

On the next blog, more ways to help your teenager manage his anger will be revealed. These ways are straightforward and easily understandable. Not all may be applicable for you and your teen, but most of it is useful as many parents have done it with success on their teens. With that, see you next week for another blog about “Ways To Help Your Teenager Manage His Anger!”