Top 4 Ways To Encourage Your Teens



Parenting is not an easy thing to do, especially once your child reaches his adolescent or teenage years. No matter how much you make an effort to make everything perfect, some factors are outside your control. Keep in mind that a teenager usually wants to make decisions or choices for himself. He does not want to seek for the advice of parents and friends because such an act is considered as the kind of move that a loser would make. All these statements come from a new journal published by a world-renowned psychologist.


As a parent, you need to understand these facts so that you will not encounter a hard time in dealing with your teenaged child. Always remember that the essential thing that you must focus is to nurture your child into becoming a successful member of society. Hence, you must continue to make an effort in encouraging your child to keep on improving. Here are the techniques to remember:


Recognize Little Success


If you want to empower your child to become the best version of himself, the first thing that you must do is to take notice of the best little things that he regularly does. Be sure to inform your beloved teen that you admire his small achievements. In so doing, he will become more confident about himself. His self-doubt and self-limiting thoughts will soon be gone. Eventually, his self-esteem will also increase. It will enable him to surpass every challenge that will come his way as well as help those surrounding him because he knows that he is more than capable.


Avoid Embarrassing Him


Another thing that you have to keep in mind is never to embarrass him in public. If you want to correct his action or words, be sure to do it in a private area. Never nag at him when you are in locations wherein other teens or kids can see what is going on. If you want to talk to your teen and reprimand him, it is suggested to wait until both of you are already at home. Otherwise, your teen will resent you for scolding him in public to the point that he will also start to keep his distance against you. At the same time, it can also lead to discouragements and frustrations.





Have A Meaningful Conversation


No matter how hectic your schedule is at work or in your business, be sure to consider talking to your teen now and then. Keep in mind that constant communication is essential if you want to get updates about the latest happenings in your teen’s day-to-day life. The best thing about having these talks with your teenage child is that you can get an idea on how he is handling his affairs at school and his personal life. Find a way to get him to open up to you so that you can determine if he needs your help or assistance.


Be A Ray Of Hope


As already mentioned above, the days of your teen may not be good at all times, which is why you must continue to provide him hope and patience. Show him that he can get whatever he wants as long as he puts his mind and heart into it. Whenever you start to notice that he is feeling down, the next thing that you have to do is to have a pep talk with him. Let him know that having struggles is a normal consequence of living one’s life. What matters the most is how one handles it and consider it as the only way out.






Now that your child is transitioning into a teen, it is highly recommended that you follow the techniques mentioned above. Remind yourself that you are the light that can guide your teen to the right one. Whenever you think that parenting has become overwhelming, then do not hesitate to rest for a while. Keep in mind that it is okay to press pause if it means improving your mental health. Always encourage your teen to do better every single day so that you can be proud of him and to ensure that everyone around him is going to admire him as a friend.