Teen Pregnancy Prevention Through Parents’ Help, Education, Counseling, And More



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This article aims to promote teen pregnancy awareness among the young generation. Individually, it will tackle its effects on one’s health, economic status, and social aspects. On top of all that, this article hopes to open the eyes of teenagers and urge them to make the right decision.

According to Amy Lewin, PsyD, “cause teen mothers often face significant environmental and psychosocial stressors and are at risk for a number of mental health concerns that can affect them and their children, primary care for young mothers and their children must include attention to these problems.”


The statistics of early pregnancy is indeed alarming. This situation does not only affect the mother’s life, but the baby’s as well. However, despite everything, it was believed that teen pregnancy is preventable with strong advocacy and sex education in school and at home. In time, this event will curb to a minimum.


Teens And Sex Education

Educating teenagers about early pregnancy is essential for them to be able to avoid it. Teach them as early as possible. And if you don’t know how to talk to them about sex and early pregnancy, below are some the topics that you can discuss openly:


  • The correlation between relationships, sex, and love
  • Human anatomy and how to respect it
  • All about contraceptives
  • The benefits of abstinence
  • Health risks, social and economic opportunities missed due to early pregnancy


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Sheila Kamen, PsyD said “Raising a maturing teen and navigating new sexual activity or pregnancy isn’t easy.” As such, you have to exert more efforts.


Discuss these topics in a mature manner and without malice for them to have a full overview of the consequences brought about by teenage sex and early pregnancy. Early pregnancy prevention education is not only the responsibility of the teenager but the teen’s parents as well. The parents are expected to teach their children about it. With that, the following ideas are suitable for family conversations:


  • The value of relationships, sex, and love
  • Reasons to avoid early pregnancy
  • Have an open talk about sex


As for things that teenagers can do or practice, here are some suggestions:


Self –discipline. Abstinence is the key. Teenagers must understand the need to control one’s self and get away from possible temptations that can lead to teenage pregnancy.


Knowing the importance of education and finishing high school/college. Instill in their minds that unwanted pregnancy can hinder their journey towards their ultimate goals in life as supplemented by school and studies.


Self-value. Let your teenager search for his own identity and self-worth. With that, your teenager will eventually find himself and his purpose. It will keep his attention off of things that can lead to early sex and pregnancy.


Understanding the consequences of his actions. Instill in your teen’s mind that he is responsible for his actions and the possible implications of it.


Teen counseling. It can start as a group therapy thing or one-on-one sessions with a teen counselor. Teen or adolescent counseling is helpful in shaping the teen’s belief in sex and teenage pregnancy.


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Parents’ Role In Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Take note that Erin E. Andrews, PsyD said “Pregnancy is both an exciting and anxiety-provoking time.” As mentioned earlier, the parent has the responsibility of educating teenagers about teen sex and pregnancy. Naturally, parents also play a role in eliminating the factors that can lead to all of it.


  • Parents must know their children’s whereabouts, especially after school.
  • Assist your teen especially during the dating stage. Your teen will usually look for their puppy love at age 16. Also, your teenager should not be dating people who are much older than him or her.
  • Keep track of your teen’s social media platforms. Yes, it is “spying,” but for a good reason.


Be A Parent That Your Teen Needs

Other than the parents, some people can also impart sex education to teenagers. Their influence can be substantial, so you have to exert more effort to get the attention of your teen. Bear in mind that it is vital to instill the value of avoiding teenage sex and pregnancy for them to make the right choices.