Stop Worrying About Your Little Skateboarder; Find The Best Skate Shoes For Them Instead

Always worrying about your teenage son or daughter’s well-being because of their newfound love for skateboarding may make you want to get therapy soon. Your feelings are not exaggerated, though, given the fact that your little daredevil is out there, cruising on the streets or even flying across the skate park.

One thing that may provide you some peace is when you know that your kid won’t slip on their skateboard. Thus, here are some shoes that you should look into right now.



Fallen Men’s Forte Skate Shoe

In this time of our lives that all things are going on price increase and quality reduction, it is quite nice to know that there is an item like Fallen Men’s Forte Skate Shoe that is not only affordable but also has over-the-top qualifications to boast about.

The first on the list is the sole. It is made out of rubber – and a good one at that if I may say – so it will make the skateboard rider feel more comfortable while using it. It also has a good grip on the black grip tape of the top of the board; that’s why your child cannot get out of balance because of it.

The second thing is the vamp. Some skate shoes easily wrinkle on the sides when the wearer flexes their feet up and down, but the vamp of Fallen Men’s Forte Skate Shoe does not break at once. Even if you take it off and bend the shoe in half, it just goes in the direction that you are moving it at.

The third recognizable thing about this type of skate shoe is the insole. It provides excellent cushioning for the feet, and so your kid may not complain about bruising after wearing it for the first time.



DC Kids Rebound Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

My daughter is starting to show some interest on skateboarding, so I immediately purchased a skateboard and the DC Kids Rebound Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid) on Amazon when I got the chance. I was once a young kid, and I started riding my board when I was around 11 years old. Thus, I know that the success in riding a skateboard lies on the kind of shoes that the rider is wearing, and not just on his or her ability per se. Besides, I own a pair of DC skate shoes, too, so I believe in the products that this brand creates.

The DC Kids Rebound Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid) looks very cool and chic with its color combination of pink, blue, white, black, and purple. My daughter shrieked in delight when she put it on and posed in front of our full-length mirror.
When we were both already on board, I noticed that her feet were not sliding off the skateboard. It is a great thing because it entails that the rubber soles of the shoes can grasp the board’s grip tape well.

There are also little holes at the toe cap of the shoes and another two more holes on the inner sides so that the child’s feet can still breathe even after more than a couple of hours of wearing them. And, on that note, I also want to mention that even if she wore it for a long time in one day, she said that her feet felt very comfortable in these.



Adidas Skateboarding Men’s Adi-Ease Sneaker

The Adidas Skateboarding Men’s Adi-Ease Sneaker may offer you relief to me, especially if you do not want your little skateboarding to be in heavy shoes during practices.

This pair of sneakers is made out of suede leather, so it weighs much less than the normal skate shoes. It also feels snug; it’s as if there’s not much cushioning inside it. The shoes may look so regal for something that is used for extreme and rugged sports, but it works just as well as other sneakers for skateboarding out there.

I have nothing against the sole of this Adidas Skateboarding Men’s Adi-Ease Sneaker for the reason that it is cut out from high quality and thick rubber. Meaning, it entirely sticks to the grip tape that is attached to the top of the skateboard. It is high enough as well that your kid’s feet won’t get wet if they step on a puddle accidentally when getting off the skateboard.

Final Thoughts

You may be able to find better or more affordable skate shoes on the internet, but it is good to start considering the three different pairs mentioned above. There’s one product that’s suitable for every kid; the safety that each of them offers is no joke either. Once you manage to purchase one of these shoes for your little skateboarder, your worries may decrease upon knowing that their feet won’t slide off the board on accident.