Practical Ways To Deal With Bullies At Any Age

Attending the 2018 Youth Camp was not something that I planned. A friend was supposed to go there with her colleagues, but they bailed on the day of the event. So, she thought of asking her other friends to attend, considering the tickets have already been paid. I was one of the few who agreed to go, and I did it without any expectation of learning much.

Let’s face it: I am in my mid-20s at a conference for youths. I initially thought that my only role was to add to the number of participants and perhaps tattle on rowdy teens. Then, a guest speaker started talking about “bullying at any age,” and I got hooked.



Bullies indeed come in all ages and situations. Even at every job that I’ve had, there is at least one person who thinks they have a right to treat someone awfully. 

If you are prone to get bullied, here are practical ways to deal with them at any age.

Ignore The Bully

Bullies are nothing but attention-seeking people. They feel alive when they get the reaction that they are looking for from you. To keep them from feeling like a winner, therefore, you should ignore whatever comes out of their mouth.



Talk Back To The Bully

Bullies never come after tough individuals. They prey on the weakling because the chances of scaring them to submission are much higher. So, no matter how afraid you are of your bully, stand up for yourself and shut them down with calm words.

Don’t Fight Hate With Hate

Lastly, it is wrong to try to bully another bully. You want to nip the issue in the bud, and that’s not going to happen if you let your feelings loose. 

And that’s how you deal with bullies at any age, folks.