How To Boost Your Teen’s Mental Health

Being a teenager is a unique and challenging period for most people. With the body undergoing physical changes and the increasing personal and societal expectations, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes, being teens becomes too much for them to handle that it affects their mental health. So it is critical for the parents to be present and help them care for their well-being.

And so, we are sharing with you several ways that you can do to help boost your teen’s mental health.

Give Them Positive Attention


When you have a family with teens and children, it will be easy to overlook the older ones. Since they are older, we may think they require less care and attention, but it is not the case. Even our teens, who will be young adults in a few years, need our guidance.

Our guidance does not mean meddling with their life decisions and activities. We must exert effort to know what they are doing and how they are doing things. Give compliments as encouragement. A simple smile of acknowledgment or kind words can significantly improve your teen’s happiness and mental wellness.

You can also give them positive attention by attending their activities. If you do not have time to accompany them, even a text message can also be an excellent way of showing them your care and appreciation.

Promote Healthy Sleeping Habits


We are often stricter with our younger kids’ sleeping habits. However, even our teens need to follow a sleeping schedule to improve their mental health. Sleep has several health benefits, and they include reducing stress and minimizing risk for depression.

Teens may complain about bedtime, so you must enforce a schedule for everyone, even the parents. Modeling the desired behavior, like sleeping early, will influence and motivate them to follow suit and thus learn to sleep well. It also helps to turn off your wi-fi during bedtime so that your teens will not stay late with their gadgets.

When making a schedule, it is essential to factor in your teen’s workload and social needs. Do not merely enforce a rule without consulting with them as this may only result in them disobeying you. Negotiate about their bedtime so that they may feel heard and in control of their lives.

Be Active With Them


Exercise is also an excellent activity to do with your teens to improve their mental and physical health. Being physically active benefits the heart and muscles. It reduces their fatigue and stress, keeping them happy and confident with themselves. It also minimizes their risk of mental health issues like depression. 

Doing physical activities does not also need to be pricey. You need not pay for a gym membership to exercise. Yoga at home or walking around the block are some of the activities that you can engage in at no additional cost. So try to set a schedule each week to do this with them. Setting an excellent example as a parent can significantly affect your teen’s fitness and wellness attitude.

Encourage Them To Pursue Their Passion

We all dream for our children to succeed in life. And the only way to help make this into reality is to support their dreams and passion. Make your teen feel heard and guided. Having support from their parents can make them happier, boosting their mental wellness.

Paying attention to your teens’ interests can help you understand how to help them reach their goals. If you notice that they like watching sports, then maybe take them out to play it. If you see that they are good with words, then encourage them with praise. 

The vital thing to note is that what they want is what matters and not what you want for them.

Communicate With Them


Lastly, communicate with your teens. They are going through many physical and emotional changes, so they need you to guide them. As parents, you may be the primary source of reliable information and support, so it is crucial to promote open communication at home.

It is also equally significant to remember that your teens need to be heard and not judged. So when they try to talk with you, do not pass criticisms or give unsolicited advice unless required. Be willing to listen to anything, even topics that you are not comfortable talking about, like sex. Knowing that they have somebody to talk with can significantly reduce the risk for depression and social isolation.

Talking with them can also reduce the risk of getting the wrong or unfiltered information or answers for their questions from the internet or their peers. Doing this can also help you understand what they are going through. If they ever sound like they need professional help, make sure that you assist them with it. 

It may sometimes seem more comfortable to ignore our moody teens and let them be. But it is essential to understand that, right now, they do not want to be alone. They need proper help and guidance to deal with the changes they are facing. And the best source of assistance is you, their parents. So, bear the moodiness and boost your teen’s mental wellness with the tips that we listed for you!