How Kids Benefit From Joining Summer Camp

I could back the happiest moments during my teenage years to those months when I used to go to a summer camp. I started doing it at the age of 13; it was part of our family tradition because my parents typically volunteered as facilitators. It made me nervous at first, but I eventually loved everything about it. In truth, I even returned for the 2019 Youth Summer Camp to facilitate some activities for three weeks.

The entire time I stayed in camp, I wondered why some parents wouldn’t sign their teens up for this. It would teach them how to:


Gain Real Friends

Camp-related activities are not too different from what you see in team-building events. You do a lot of things as a group; you need to be able to trust each other. If there is a weak link in the team, you need to figure out how to help them. Later, you realize that you have already gained real friends through them.

Follow Rules

Summer camps look chill on the outside since the kids run around outdoors and have the best time of their lives. However, the reality is that they must follow a handful of rules (e.g., curfew, no sneaking around, etc.) to avoid getting sent back home. If your teen likes the camp, they may do as they’re told to secure their spot.


Look After Themselves

Many parents love the fact that campers do not receive special treatment, regardless of their family’s family status. Say, when someone folds the bed or cleans the bathroom, everyone has to do it. Thus, they tend to come out as responsible teens when the summer ends.


Whether your teenager gives you a headache or you fear of sheltering them, feel free to send them to a trustworthy summer camp. Trust me; your child will thank you for it!