A Quick Guide To Therapy For A Depressed Teen

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Finding out that your teenage daughter is going through depression will break your heart. You will have a difficult time accepting the situation, but there is nothing else that you can do but to remain strong for her. Keep in mind that your child relies on you. If you show your weakness at this point, your teen will start to resent herself even more. As such, you must gather all the strength left in you and take control of everything that is going on.


We know that you are having a hard time understanding the situation. Do not worry because the situation is only temporary. There are endless opportunities available that can help you deal with this problem. Here are some of the ideas to remember:


Never Show Your Weak Side

As already mentioned above, it is essential to remain tough during this hurtful event. Never allow your daughter to see that his mental condition has affected your daily life. Otherwise, she will begin to feel sorry for herself. When this happens, it would have adverse effects on her recovery. Instead, make her feel that nothing has changed. Show her the possibility that there is still a way to get over the problem. The last thing she needs is to hear your complaints or cries.

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Seek Professional Help

If you want to provide a better environment and available treatment for your teenage daughter, it is highly recommended to book an appointment with a therapist. Give her a chance to meet with a professional mental health expert who can help her deal with the depression. Unfortunately, you cannot do it on your own. You need the expertise of a therapist who will handle the case of your child. Feel free to ask for some referrals or recommendations from the people around you.

Here are some facts about depression from a counselor:

  • “Clinical depression” is a term often used to refer to one or more types of serious depressive disorders that may occur with or without the presence of a specific stressor.” – Laura Strom, LMFT
  • “Mindfulness meditation practices are effective interventions, and sometimes for mild to moderate conditions—depression and anxiety—super-effective as front lines.” – Saundra Jain, MA, PsyD
  • “The beginning of depressive symptoms that can actually mutate into aggressive and maladaptive behaviors ” – Lisa Bahar, LMFT

Stop Interfering

Be sure to trust the capacity of the therapist to handle the case of your daughter. Do not interfere in the sessions by insisting your wants or requests. Keep in mind that the therapist has spent several years to perfect her craft. She knows what she is doing. She will not perform anything that can cause harm to your beloved daughter. Moreover, do not force this professional to rush the process of the sessions because the truth is that this form of treatment will take a lot of time.

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Support Your Teen

The moment your daughter decides to see a therapist, you have to understand that it means more responsibilities on your part. Be prepared for all these duties, such as driving your teen to the therapist’s office or paying the professional fees. Another way to show your support to your lovely daughter is to let her talk to you anytime she wants. Make her feel that she can open up about anything under the sun. Whenever you are stressed about the situation, be sure to hide it from her. Otherwise, it will only break her heart even more.