3 Ways To Connect With A Friend Suffering From Anxiety Disorder

What if it happens to me or to anyone that surrounds me? How am I going to deal with it? Will I be able to connect with them? What are the steps that I must do to help and lift a person suffering from an anxiety disorder?

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Experiencing emotional stress at some point in time is part of life. But, continuous occurrence of it may lead to serious anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorder is a mental health condition where constant fear of something causes you to stop your everyday activities. Symptoms may include extreme worry about things, tension, always sweating, irritable, the incidence of panic attacks and insomnia.

Everybody must not ignore this kind of events since it is serious and real. So here are three practical ways on how to connect with a friend suffering from an anxiety disorder.


Do Not Just Listen, Understand Your Friend

You cannot connect fully with your friend suffering from an anxiety disorder if you just listen. Trying to immerse yourself in his environment and opening your heart is the first touch point towards understanding their condition. You have to gain an empathic understanding of what he or she is going thru to help him or her overcome the symptoms.

Also, do not be disappointed if your friend tells you offensive words. Remember, understanding is a means of helping your friend to get better. If you are confident enough about imparting some thoughts, do not be afraid to tell them because it might be the door towards recovery.

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Offer A Support System In You

Only offer what you can give. Be honest and do not be pressured if you cannot provide wise advice to your friend because presence is the most crucial support system other than words. Accompany your friend to go to health professionals and seek legal counseling. In that way, you can be a support system and be able to connect with your friend.

Furthermore, be optimistic in place of your friend who is suffering from anxiety. Show your friend that he or she can overcome the anxiety and you will be there for throughout the process. If your friend is constantly experiencing panic attacks, invite him or her to a yoga class. If you think that your friend is dealing with discomfort, bring him or her out in nature to calm the mind. You may also ask your friend if he or she is open for some activities like jogging on Saturday morning or going to church every Sunday.

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Persist On Doing Things He Or She Does Not Want To Do

You are not the boss of your friendship so do not tell your friend who’s suffering from anxiety disorder to just get over it. Again, understanding your friend is also your touch point to connect. Do not try to patch up things on your own. You are only in charge of planting the seed of healing upon him or her. But, both you and your friend have the responsibility to grow it.

Trying to connect with a friend suffering from anxiety disorder could be hard. However, do not be discouraged because you can heal everything when the right time comes. Focus on what you can do for your friend, and everything else will follow. It may be a long journey, but knowing that you are with your friend throughout is a great way to lift him or her and be better in the future.