20 Cool Things To Do With Your Teens In New York City

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Going to New York with your teenagers can be a challenge. Considering what the city can offer and with the lifestyle, teenagers are into these days, you will probably end up completely out of your breath having them on this particular trip. Each teenager has their unique preferences and somehow, even as a parent, you will have a hard time putting them all in one side. And with what New York stands for, for sure your teenagers will have a long list of “to-dos” in their mind.  But since you are the parent and the place is different from the place where you’re from, you need to tighten up the reigns and get the kids y your side.

It’s not authoritarian; it’s enjoying New York city altogether. Below are 20 awesome things that your teenagers would surely appreciate.

A Hip Hop Experience

Teenagers and hip hop are almost synonymous. Hip hop is a teenager’s language. You can take them to the Bronx, Brooklyn where there is an open crowd of hip hop craze that is being led by some hip hop superstars. Not only that your teenagers will get to experience a New York hip Hop party but witness an event like this with a celebrity.

Bust Out Of The Escape Room

Game craze came into a reality is what Bust Out of Escape Room is all about. Your teenagers can enjoy this experience together by actually doing the initiating of the escape rather than in video games. They will not only enjoy doing this, but it will also give them the opportunity to bond.

Take A Harbor Line Cruise

You can also load them up for a harbor line cruise where they get to see New York’s finest signature sites. The NYC Skyline, Statue of Liberty and so many more. Aside from the view, they won’t get bored with the speed of the cruise, the information they’ll get from the tourists and even mingle with fellow tourists.

New York Shows

One of the things New York is very famous is its classic yet very entertaining shows. New York offers a long list of shows in Broadway, and with that long, for sure you will find a show everyone would approve of.

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Trapeze School

A teenager has this energy for danger and excitement. You can fulfill that want by letting them experience Trapeze school. In the said school, they will get t experience aerial art like trapeze flying and the like. No need to worry since your teenagers are being taught by experts and will be fully geared for safety.

The Ride

New York is also known for its double-decker buses that have screens that portray New York’s famous theater plays. With this, your kids can go around the city in a stylish bus while enjoying some shows.

Immersive Theater

The love for the excitement of your teenagers will be met at the Immersive theater. With this ‘s theater, they get to get a taste of what’s it like to be a mystery story where they get into solving crimes.


For that teenager who loves to read, visiting the world’s largest book store is a haven. But for those who is not that much of a fan with reading, then they would probably change their mind if they get to see this bookstore. This book store is located in Union Square and has the record-breaking 18 miles long shelves that accommodate the world’s famous literary pieces.

Brooklyn Bridge

Aside from its history, the site at Brooklyn bridge is breathtaking. Your kids will enjoy viewing it while recalling the movies that featured the said bridge.

Vintage Shopping

Shopping in New York need not have to be that pricey. You can take your teens down by Madison Avenue where a long line of vintage stores is lined up. These stores have some cool items your teenagers would love, and they can be bought at a significantly affordable price.

Nitehawk Cinema

A trip would not be complete without visiting a cinema. And in New York, it has to be the Nitehawk Cinema. In this movie house, you and your teenagers will get to experience the classics and the latest movies at the same time. It is not the traditional movie theater for you to get to enjoy your food in a small table in front of you.

Amusement Park

When it comes to roller coaster rides, New York has Coney Island’s Luna Park, and you can finish the rides with some sumptuous hotdogs and drinks.

Food At Smorgasburg

Along Smorgasburg, Brooklyn, a flea market will be found that offers different kinds of food. You can almost have it all there. Not only they serve American food but other cuisines as well. In this market, you get to choose from a long line of choices.

Learn To Do Films

In Austria, Queens of New York, the Museum of Moving Image is situated. Every Friday afternoon, the said museum is open for those interested to learn to film – and that is free of charge.

Watch A Game

Your visit to New York won’t be complete without watching a game either Yankee Stadium or Citi Field. Your teenagers would love seeing live action in the fields of New York.

Chinese Food

Teenagers love Chinese food and when in New York, Manhattan’s Chinatown shouldn’t be missed. This place offers nothing but authentic Chinese dishes with out of this world flavor.

Pizza In New York

Teenagers are the number one pizza lovers. That is why when they are in New York; it is a MUST to visit their restaurant that specializes pizzas. There are several of them along the streets of New York.

Aircraft Carrier

War artifacts always give excitement to young generations. And having teenagers visit the USS Intrepid, they would indeed love seeing fighter jets, submarines and the like.


Though New York is a highly urbanized city, still nature is still on its side. Fact is teenagers can have surfing lessons at Rockaway beach. Professional surfers will train them.

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New York has this image of having heavy traffic and endless cars roaming around the city. Believe it or not, you and your teenagers can still do biking around the city. There’s this Citibike, a bike sharing program within the city that allows people to hop in and roam around the city on bikes.